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Steve Kinser un-edited 2
Donny Schatz 3
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Brand New Season 18 Coming August!

Episode 1) Humpy Wheeler

Episode 2)Josh Wise/Phil Parsons

Episode 3)Steve Kinser

Episode 4)The Stremme’s

Episode 5)Cale Conley/Rico Abreu

Episode 6)Re-run (Kasey Kahne)

Episode 7)Sam Hornish

Episode 8) Erik Jones

Episode 9)Donny Schatz

Episode 10)Ashley Parlett/Shawna Robinson

Episode 11)Tony Stewart

Episode 12 Rusty Wallace

Episode 13)Trevor Bayne

New season to launch mid- February!

Season 17 Episode Descriptions:
1701: Kyle Larson- This NASCAR Superstar has risen more quickly than any other young driver in the last
decade. What is his secret to success and where does his future lead?

1702: Tony Stewart- Tony Stewart hangs out with 3 Wide Life to discuss his past, present and future in

1703: Donny Shatz- Donny is your 2014 WoO Champion after a record breaking year. Find out about Donny
and his amazing year exclusively on 3 Wide Life.