What an off-season it has been!  While we always enjoy the amazing races that go on late November-January, we are always ready for February to roll around not only because race season is back, but we always kick off our new season of the show.  During the off-season we had the opportunity to travel up to Indy to hang with Tony Stewart for the day which was one of the best days of filming we have ever had.  Tony was so welcoming and wide open with our interview.  Since we covered so many parts of Tony'y racing career we decided to make the interview a two part show.  

For those of you that missed the show last week, we will have it posted up to the site in a few weeks, so be sure to check back!  Episode one covered Tony's sprint car injury, how he has changed since the injury and talked about her personal passions away from the track.  We also had talked about Tony being a business man and all of the work he does when he isn't behind the wheel.

In the second episode, Tony opens up about his early days at the track with his father and how he wound up making racing his professional career.  Tony also discusses his passion for grassroots racing and all of the great drivers that have helped him along the way.  Be sure to check your local listing to catch this week's episode this is one you won't want to miss.


We are so excited for the new season to start February 12th with awesome new content.  Since you guys are the best fans, we want to give back to you with the chance to win some free 3 Wide Life hear!  Here is how you can sign up to win yours!  Chance to win FREE gear!

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