Brian Brown Overcoming Bad Luck
Written by 3wide Tuesday, 11 March 2014 19:33
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Brian Brown not letting his share of bad luck keep him down.
The first 3 races of the West Coast swing for Brian Brown and his FVP 21 team has been a bit dramatic. Night one at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Brian started out the night fast, qualifying 6th. Brain was leading his heat race and after taking the white flag he suffered a flat tire. He came back to win the B Main and was running well in the A Main when again he would suffer from a flat tire. "The rocks are out of our control, they go out before we get there and pick up rocks, they do the best they can

We had a rock go through our top wing that was the size of a soft ball." Brian said. 
Brian Brown and his team stayed positive heading into Tucson. We asked him how they stay positive? Brian said "You gotta be a leader. I can't sit and mope around. Attitudes are contagious. We have to be physically and mentally strong. We are not going to let a few torn up race cars ruin our year." 

The FVP 21 was looking to turn their luck around in Tucson. They started out fast again with a 3rd place qualifying effort locking him into the dash. Before the dash the wind picked up drastically. Brian mentioned he asked his crew chief about the direction the wind was blowing knowing it would change the characteristics of is car. He was leading the dash, and after an early caution Brian entered turn 3&4 when his car "wouldn't turn", he said "it felt as though it broke. It doesn't change the out come, your car doesn't get fixed any easier." Unfortunately the night was over for Brian and his team. 

Despite some hard luck in Las Vegas and Tucson Brian Brown was still consistently fast. "It can always be worse." Brian said. "We are fortunate enough that myself and no one was injured in any wreck. I feel like we have been fast we were 5th, 6th, and 3rd qualifying. Our car and motors are working real well together." 

Heading into this weekends races at Tulare Brian is positive. " I would rather have a little bit of bad luck when running good then bad luck when running 15th or 20th and get caught up in someone else's messes. We will keep forging on. I'm lucky to be apart of such a great company with FVP. I'm thankful that they are apart of our team." 
We wish Brain Brown and his FVP team good luck going into this weekends events.