Wiley: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the road each week.

Bryan: I have a motorcycle shop at the house where I like building old Harley Davidsons -- “Pan Heads,” “Knuckle Heads,” other old bikes. I really love working on old motorcycles.

Wiley: Do you do the sheet metal work or the mechanical?

Bryan: We do of all of it. I have a machine shop where we can the build motors. We can repair the frames and paint.

Wiley: Do you ever get to show the bikes you build?

Bryan: Well, not really. I haven’t been showing them because of our race schedule; our weekends are tied up. That’s when all the shows are. I would like to go to a few events, but that just can’t happen right now.

Wiley: How did you get into building?

Bryan: Motorcycles have just always been something that’s neat to me. I’ve always liked them. It’s a challenge to find the parts and pieces you need to work on an original bike. When you work on something, for example, 1949 Pan Head and make it all original it takes some time and effort to find the parts. One thing racing does help with is in my traveling I get to meet a lot of different people, go to a lot of bike shops around the country. I’ve been able to make a lot of contacts.

Wiley: Do you ever get to ride any when you’re on the road?

Bryan: Not when I’m on the road. I do ride a good bit when we're back at home.

Wiley: How did you get started driving a transporter?

Bryan: My dad had a trucking company when we were growing up, and I have always driven trucks. I worked on them more so than driving them. The only time I would really drive them is when I would have to replace someone else or they were sick. I never had a truck driving job until this.

My brother raced, and we grew up racing. And, I got real lucky to be able to come work for Michael Waltrip Racing; then I was able to come over here to this team.

Wiley: What do you do for the team besides drive the transporter?

Bryan: In a perfect world, I don’t have to do anything on the car. If it brushes the wall or something, I help repair crush panels, put on the decals, whatever the team needs me to do. There is a person assigned for position on the car.

I help out on pit road during the race. I help them take care of gas, or tires, or whatever I can. There is always something to do. There is never really any time we are just standing around . . . hanging out. There is always some kind of chore.

Then when I get back to the shop, I have to get the truck ready for the next race. I unload everything from this week, then get all next week’s stuff loaded . . . springs, gears, motors . . . all that stuff. I have to restock the chemicals . . . the cleaners and oils. I get Marcos's uniforms, his helmet, anything Marcos needs as far as going into the car, I get ready. There are extra parts for the car like side skirts, steering boxes, or whatever may be special for that event. I make sure everything is stocked up, the generator is ready, and toolboxes are ready.

We load back up on Wednesday and leave out Thursday. We usually only have one day off at the house.

Wiley: Do you drive to the races with other transport drivers or do you head out by yourself?

Bryan: We try to run together. A lot of times, we do. It really depends on when the racecars are ready. When we head back home, we pretty much all run together. It’s not too odd to see three, for, or five of us running together.

Wiley: Do you like any sports besides racing?

Bryan: I love football. It kinda works out well with the racing season. We finish up in November about the time football is getting interesting. And then right after the Super Bowl, our season kicks off.

Wiley: So, are you a Carolina Panther fan?

Bryan: Oh, yeah. Here in Charlotte, you have to be a Panther fan.

Wiley: Are there any other sports?

Bryan: Well, I’m a sports fanatic. I like about everything . . . snow skiing, scuba diving, golf, but I never have time to do much of any of it.

Wiley: Tell me about your family

Bryan: I’ve been married 16 years. I have a son and daughter. He just turned 15 and she is 12 -- about to turn 13. They play sports too. I get to see them some depending on what sport they’re in, what season it is. I get to see some of the practices and games during the week . . . on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Very seldom do I get to go see them play on the weekends.

Wiley: Are they interested in racing?

Bryan: A little bit. They’re not “die hard” racing fans. They have been around it their whole life, so for them, it’s just a pretty common life style. They will go with me to a race every now and then. They would rather go to a test. It’s more fun for them . . . more relaxed. Then, they can hang out and talk to the drivers in a more relaxed environment. At a race, it’s busy; they don’t really get to hangout and talk to Marcos. He does come over to the house sometimes and ride dirt bikes. They enjoy getting to hang out with him.